A brief story about Unleash Today

Sarah and Kate met eight years ago while studying in Maastricht, the Netherlands. When they are together, their energy and motivation has no limits. They both seek to achieve the impossible and never take ‘no’ for an answer. Although they did not know it back then, their lives were meant for bigger purposes, one of them being Unleash Today.


Kate and Sarah grew up thinking diligence, perfectionism, and hard work would lead to a successful professional life. It was painful for them to realise many years later that different rules apply in the workplace, as hard work does not automatically translate into recognition. It was just as hard to understand that women are still assessed differently due to prevailing gender biases in business and society. 


After graduation, during their years as junior professionals, they noticed they were facing struggles, visible and invisible barriers, and limitations that were all too similar. When looking for self-help books and mentoring, they had to accept that most advice was shared by successful women who were 20 years or more into their professional career. Kate and Sarah did not find any book written by women in the earlier stages of their career that would share their golden rules on how to operate in the workplace as ambitious and progressive women. That’s how Unleash Today was created: “Let us share our lessons learned so other ambitious women do not have to go through the same experience as we did.’


Today, Sarah and Kate are driven to encourage and support ambitious women to reach their full potential and unleash today. They help women acquire the recognition they deserve by overcoming societal gender bias and redefining what it means to be confident and strong. They show it is possible to be progressive and classy while believing in oneself. Thereby, they seek to challenge narrowly defined expectations of how women should act, behave, and look in the workplace. 


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Growing up with two cosmopolitan sisters in a village close to Frankfurt, Germany, had a tremendous impact on Sarah’s development of self-confidence and sense of equality. Surrounded by love, support, and inspiration, Sarah learned to fight for what she really wants early in life. In 2017, Sarah and her sisters founded Here She Is, a podcast that features inspiring, diverse leaders and role models that can serve as an inspiration for pursuing leadership positions. With her upcoming book, Unleash Today, Sarah has turned into a thought leader by challenging gender bias in business and society, and helping ambitious women overcome the hurdles that prevent them from unleashing their full potential.


Sarah is a real globetrotter, speaking five languages fluently and recently dared to embrace a sixth language: Mandarin. She studied and worked in seven countries in North America, Europe, and Asia, before settling as project manager in Beijing in January 2020, where she is currently working on the harmonisation of ICT standards between Germany and China. Before, she had served for three years as Senior Policy Manager in Europe’s biggest tech trade

association in Brussels, making sure EU citizens fully benefit from digitalisation and emerging technologies.

Sarah loves swing dancing, acrylic painting, and surrounding herself with inspiring and positive-minded people.

At the age of 12, Kate went to court to watch her mother represent minors as a social worker. Inspired by what she saw, she came on to study MSc in Law and Finance at University of Oxford. Sarah Wagner and Kate will publish their first book Unleash Today, a graduation gift for the next generation.


Kate shares her story and lessons learned from travelling around the world since the age of 12 and living in five different countries across Europe (Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxembourg), Asia (Hong Kong), and Australia (Canberra). Today, Kate is working as a compliance officer in the financial services industry in London. Kate won the 35 Women Under 35 Award by Management Today in 2019 for her exceptional work at the beginning of her career. Kate loves salsa dancing, yoga, and baking.