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Are you curious about Unleash Today, but do not want to wait for our book launch in March 2021? Then our sneak peeks are for you! We will give you a little glimpse into the world of ambitious confident women and share with you the experience and knowledge Kate, Sarah, and our guest experts share - packed over seven chapters.

Chapter 1 - Here I Am

Chapter 4: Mastering the Art of Networking

Chapter 5: Self-love and Self-care

Chapter 6: Dealing With Competitors and Foes

Chapter 3 - I'm a Recovering Perfectionist

Step One: Here I Am

We share tips on how to enter your new workplace with confidence by creating your inner compass based on your values and purpose. Offering concrete advice on how to influence your appearance to create the best first impression you can make. We provide tips on how to influence your appearance by unleashing with a power pose, your dress code and hair style, verbal and non-verbal language, and the voice volume. We also touch on the importance of developing your own brand by successfully telling your story and being visible. ​

Step Two: The Confidence Muscle

In Step 2, you will strengthen your confidence muscle and learn how to make ‘confidence building’ a part of your life. We accompany you in developing resilience by encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and exposing yourself to risk, while embracing failure as a prerequisite for success. In this context, we discuss how to train your confidence as a muscle by overriding fear with action and shielding your self-esteem from other people’s judgements. Ready to start training your confidence muscle?

Step Three: I'm a Recovering Perfectionist

Step 3 demonstrates how to let go of the unrealistic standards, and silence your critical inner voice. To begin with, we help you acknowledge and overcome your perfectionist tendencies and accept that excellence is the standard you should be aiming for. Planning for an excellent rather than perfect career will allow you to live a balanced life with a mind shift towards the positive. It is not the end result which you should have in mind, but to enjoy the process instead.

Step Four: Mastering the Art of Networking

How do you fall in love with networking? Step 4 reveals the secret on how to change your mindset and overcome your networking aversion. We shed light on how you can grow a strong, trusted network and appreciate its benefits. In this section, we also show you how to become your own brand and build your community that supports you along the way. Moreover, we provide you with a complete step-by-step guide to excel at any networking event you attend.


Step Five: Self-love and Self-care

It's time to start loving yourself and extending this feeling to others. We help you to overcome your negativity bias by being grateful and kind to yourself. Analysing strategies to prioritise yourself, we provide you with tips on how to establish the right routine, take care of your personal needs, and identify your personal sources of energy. Together, we identify ways to uphold these strategies in the workplace, such as turning down thankless office tasks, pursuing the 50-50 rule, and staying committed to your values.

Step Six: Dealing with Competitors and Foes

Have you experienced difficult situations with colleagues at work? We share our golden methods to handling stressful situations with colleagues and bosses while avoiding a breakdown, experiencing sleepless nights, or comfort eating. To help you, we propose tips on how to respond to different behavioural patterns by presenting various situational circumstances when interacting with colleagues or clients in your workplace. Step 6 is also packed with practical tips on various types of bosses and how to handle them.

Step Seven: Career Progression and the Next Move

This section helps you to take charge of your career so you don’t wake up in the next 10 years regretting your choices. We discuss how to stay motivated and be in the driving seat of your development so that you keep growing and learning on your job. In this section, we provide you with methods to deal with setbacks and demonstrating patience in moments of frustration. When is it the right time to say goodbye to your current job? We share tips on how to move one and look for the next professional challenge.