Introduction to Your Unleash Today Journey

It is not unusual to feel astray when you enter a new environment especially after you graduate from university. You are filled with uncertainty about the future and are probably unsure of how to kickstart your career.

Don’t worry, it is okay to feel this way. Understand that now is the best time for you to identify and focus on the goals that give you a purpose in life. Embrace the experiences that you can learn and grow from. Put yourself out into the unknown and face the challenges with grace.

Becoming aware of your purpose and values is key for everything to come. If you have determined your purpose and values, you have your inner compass and anchor that will ground and guide you, assisting you in setting goals, plans, and priorities. Now you should ask yourself two questions, while you’re looking to achieve your goal:

“Your priority should be you.” Sarah Wagner, co-author of Unleash Today

1. How to plan and live your professional life in line with your values and purpose?

The first step to achieve your professional goal is to align yourself with your values and purpose, especially when you start your career.

Put your goals, wishes and ideas on a piece of paper, and to take control of your life. While you keep achieving those goals, tick them off. This will give you a sense of accomplishment as you move forward.

The key to a fulfilling life is to understand your values and purpose, so how do we determine those?

  • Values: They remind you who you are as a person and what you believe in. So get a paper and a pen and start underlining the values you believe in. Some examples of values are: integrity, truthfulness, reliability, efficiency, loyalty etc. What are your key values?

  • Purpose: While you can determine what is within yourself, by values, you should have a purpose to align with your values. It gives you a direction to channel your values into something that you truly desire. The purpose of your life is the determining factor in helping you understand your priorities in life. It helps you unshackle from the clutches of self-doubt and enables you to carve a path you aspire. We know it can take years, if not a lifetime, to find your purpose. That’s why you should start embarking on your search earlier rather than later. Actively look for it rather than letting random circumstances determine your course.

While we understood the nuances of purpose and values in our lives, it is time to move on to the next important question.

2. How to turn your female authenticity into your professional superpower?

Pretension is a dangerous gamble. While you may admire someone for being what you desire to be, pretending to be anyone other than yourself will never help you realise your potential. You tend to be looking for the work someone else would do and imitate them, you tend to be anyone but your truest self. This will harm not only your relationship with others but also confuse your inner conscience that wishes to be free from the clutches of someone else’s behaviour. This is because, at some point, the facade comes off and while we try to keep up with it, we tend to lose ourselves in the process.

Unfortunately, with the society that we live in, it is presumed to be easier to “man up” rather than to display the female traits. But that’s what Unleash Today is all about - unleashing your rawest, most female authentic self into the workspace to follow your intuition and bring your real passion and empathy to the table rather than conforming to the management, working or clothing style that was historically rewarded with success.

The power of being a female is that you do not need to “act masculine” to succeed. You are an individual with your own thought process more than capable of being anything but your own self. You are your own star, so it's time to shine like one!

Whether it is your desire to accomplish your goals, or your longing to change the trajectory of your career, with these two questions, you can start afresh.

The introduction of our book, Unleash Today, will help you with the tools you need to equip yourself to pursue your goals and help you create an actionable plan to unleash yourself to the fullest potential. You can find the “value list” worksheet in the book to help you determine your values. It provides you with exercises and challenges to unleash your inner self and channel that energy to accomplish your true goals. You will also come across personal life stories of Kate, Sarah, and many other experts who were guided by their value and purpose to Unleash Today.

Shivani Nair is Unleash Today's Content Strategist based in Mumbai, India.

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