Our Top Reading Tips for Abundant Motivation in 2021

We have all experienced those days.

You harbour all of these fantastic ideas but are missing internal force to take an action?

You want to finally master your money, write that book or start that project. Yet, you simply don't know where to start or make further progress? It all seems so overwhelming and you somehow lost all your motivation. Suddenly, the idea you were so fond of looks like an unrealistic dream and your initial excitement has waned with little determination to follow through.

Motivation from other women that have been in similar situations can help. So, surround yourself with unapologetically ambitious power women that have managed to show up every day in spite of struggles and seeming failure. Yet, COVID might make it difficult to mingle with the right crowd these days. In order for you to overcome your inner weakness, we want to share our personal top three motivational books of inspiring women with you. By sharing their lessons learned and they will assist you in regaining your inner strength and motivation.

Let’s make sure to relight your fire in 2021 and finally give that knockout punch to whatever is holding you back.

1. Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

This book is all about realising that everything is possible if you just figure out how and 100% commit to self-accountability. It helps you to deal with your inner critic, overcome your imposter syndrome and strive for progress rather than perfection. It also teaches you to bounce back from failure and overcome the apparent lack of time and money we all seem to suffer from. How? American author and self-made millionaire Marie Forleo shares very practical and concrete tips to get things done. You can also learn from her insights into her personal success stories and failures she has experienced when building up several businesses. We loved reading this book as it is written with humour and pragmatism as well as enthusiasm and directness. It helps us to put our dreams into realistic steps. We listened to it on our way to work for a week and felt unstoppable every time we arrived in the office.

2. The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Unleash Today co-author Kate and I called each other one day just to realise we had both purchased the same book by coincidence. Of course it was destiny, as we say today, as it prompted us to dedicate a whole chapter of our upcoming book Unleash Today to the topic of “confidence”. The book, written by two powerful women and best selling authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, provide an informative and practical guide to understanding the importance of confidence. The book illustrates how women of all ages, backgrounds and stages of careers can learn to achieve their goals. The book makes you realise that you already have all the tools for success at your hands to achieve the career you want and deserve. All you need to do is overcome that imposter syndrome, be present and unleash by finally letting your confidence out of its shell.

3. Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living by Glennon Doyle

We came across this motivational memoire just a few weeks ago and were hooked from the start by the honesty of the author. The book literally makes your soul scream as the author shares her story of divorcing from her husband and falling in love with a woman. It made us both sad and angry at the same time: Sad about how many women hold themselves back emotionally, spiritually and physically. Angry to realise how social conditioning pressures human beings to fit into artificial boxes, preventing them from being their authentic self, achieving happiness and exploiting their real potential. The book inspires you to let go of other people’s expectations and reclaim your true untamed self. It is like a wake-up call that teaches you to fully live, trust yourself and follow your wildest instincts and be brave! And bravery is what you need if you want to finally untap your growth and strength in 2021.

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